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Today: 19-04-2018
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Honesty Award by Honesty Foundation at Indore

Ankita Banerjee, a student of BAMS, 3rd Year has been felicitated in Indore for her acts of Honesty. She has been an active member of Universal Solidarity Movement from her school days for the last 7 years. Universal Solidarity Movement aims to create a future free from terrorism, fundamentalism, injustice, hypocrisy and disintegration of the country where the youth will be taking charge of the nation and build a civilization of love. Ankita has been working as a moral leader, convenor and panellist. She has also addressed students, parents, brothers, nurses and others at various seminars and public gatherings in Allahabad and Indore to enlighten minds and inspire them to build a better nation. For her sincere service and responsible acts she has received the Honesty Award by Honesty Foundation at Indore (headquarters of USM) which consists of Rs. 10,000 and citation. CMS is proud of her and wishes her success and happiness in all her endeavours of life.

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