BA in Fashion Design & Technology

Semester#1: Fashion World including the History & Evolution of Fashion / Basic Design & Sketching (Practical) / Basic Principles of Garment Technology (Practical) / Design Ideas (Practical)

Semester#2: Fashion Illustration (Practical) / Textile Science & Fabric Artistry / Drafting, Adaptation & Clothing Construction (Practical) / Introduction to Computer & Computer Aided Design (Practical)

Semester#3: Pattern Making & Garment Production (Practical) / Fabric Production & Adornment Techniques (Practical)/ Fashion illustration & application (Practical) / Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

Semester#4: Apparel Production & Quality Control / Development of Foundation Skill (Practical) / Accessory Design (Practical) / Fashion Forecasting (Practical).

Semester#5: Advance Garment Making Techniques (Practical) / Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship / Special Event Management for Fashion Industry (Practical) / Costume Designing (Practical).

Semester#6: Fashion Art & Photography / Portfolio Development / Range Development (Garment + Training Report + File, Presentation).

Two year Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design & Technology

Semester#1:Fashion World Including History & Evolution of Fashion / Basic Design & Sketching / Basic Principals of Garment Technology / Design Ideas.

Semester#2: Fashion Illustration & Application / Textile Science & Fabric Artistry / Drafting Adaptation & Clothing Construction / Introduction to Computers & CAD; Semester

Semester#3:Computer Aided Fashion Design / Apparel Production / Fashion Marketing & Merchandising / Fashion Forecasting;

Semester#4:Event Management for Fashion Industry(Practical) / Pattern Making & Garment Design / Accessory Design.

Two year Diploma in Computer Aided Fashion Design

Semester#1:Basic Design & Sketching / Basics of Computer Application / Design Ideas.

Semester#2:: Fashion World Including History & Evolution of Fashion / Production and Design Development / Basics of CAD.

Semester#3:Computer Aided Fashion Design (training on dedicated software for designing) / Computer Aided Design Development (training on dedicated software for pattern making and embroidery) / Fashion Forecasting.

Semester#4: CAD for Fashion Industry / Fashion Marketing & Merchandising.

The courses also include training of students with top industries like Maral Industry of Bheelwara Group, Zenith Garments, S. J. Designs, Ethnic India, Mira Exim, Solecasa, Bricolage Designs, Shree Bharat, Sunrise, Arabian Apparel, Fascinating India and many more, which paves the way for the students towards a secure future. Professional workshops, field visits, educational trips, career counselling, event management (like fashion show and exhibitions) round the year are part of the curriculum.