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Today: 24-03-2018
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NABL accredited Food Analysis & Research Laboratory

Centre of Food Technology

Food and Nutrition Sciences are the sciences of the 21st century. The need is to have a multi-disciplinary focus on food. This was achieved by creation of Centre of Food Technology under Institute of Professional Studies. Centre of Food Technology (CFT) has taken a holistic view of manpower planning in food industry. The vision encompasses food science, food production, food processing, food technology, food safety, food management, entrepreneurship development, food processing and rural development; agriculture and industry linkage through food processing, quality assurance for safe food, research and development on functional foods.

Sound technical training in food industries and research institutes are also provided to the students so as to equip them with meticulous practical knowledge and build competitive professional interface. We are proud to maintain a good placement record and strong collaboration with other premier food industries, research institutes, lth institutes, hospitals of the country. It is the only centre of the university to offer the programmes- B. Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation) in Food Processing and Technology, M.Sc. Food technology, M. Sc. Nutritional Sciences, D. Phil In Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences.


1. M. Sc. Food Technology

This course has been launched with financial support from Government of India, Ministry of Food Processing Industries "Manpower Development Programme". The aim of the course is to create professionals with key analytical capabilities to meet the increasing demand of food industry as consumer awareness and globalization of trade have made quality the ultimate priority.

Scope of Employment

Students can opt for a career as a management professional in food, hospitatlity, retail industry and laboratories as Food Safety Officer/ R&D/ Quality Control Officer/ Food Auditor, Trainer/ Counselor in Food Sector/ Production/ Quality manager in food industries.

2. M. Sc. Nutritional Sciences

The course has been started in September 2000 with an objective to develop specialists in Food and Nutrition as it plays a vital role in promoting the quality of life of individuals and communities and thereby contributes significantly to the economic and overall development of the nation. This is achieved through a blend of academics, research, training and extension as well as industrial applications. The programme has been designed to provide the students with intensive theoretical and experimental learning of all the related aspects of Nutrition.

Scope of Employment

Students can pursue a lucrative career as dietitians in hospitals/ with government sector and NGO’s in community nutrition/ counselor in food industries/ nutritionist/ planning, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition and health programmes/ entrepreneurial ventures in academic and research labs.

3. B. Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation) in Food processing and Technology (5 year integrated programme):

This programme was initiated in June 2015, facilitated by grant from UGC, New Delhi under scheme for skill development. The programme is focussed on providing undergraduate studies which incorporates specific job roles and their NOS (National Occupational Standard) along with general education. This course has equivalent qualifications compared to the conventional B.Sc. course offered by many universities and colleges across India.
The scheme provides for vertical mobility from short term certificate courses to full-fledged post graduate degree programme, and further research in specialized areas. The courses will have provision of multiple entry and exit at various levels culminating up-to PG and research degree level.


Centre is proud to have a National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) certified "Food Analysis and Research Laboratory (FARL)" certified for Chemical and Biological Testing of Food Products and Water in the year 2013. The centre also acts as a nodal lab for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The centre has adequate and latest facilities in terms of infrastructure and well equipped laboratories with the support of various grants provided by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) and University Grants Commission (UGC). Following labs have been setup as under:

Academic Laboratories:

  • Teaching Lab-I; Teaching Lab-II
  • Experimental Cookery lab
  • Processing Lab.
  • Microbiology Lab

Academic Laboratories:

  • Advanced Analytical Lab
  • Advanced Microbiology lab
  • Instrumentation Lab


Current Research endeavours of the centre consist of the following thrust areas being strenuously worked upon:

  • Health foods ,Convenience foods, Nutraceuticals, Processed & Packaged Foods
  • Exploration and utilization of underutilized crops.
  • Utilization of by-products to develop value added products
  • Addressal of micro and macro nutrient deficiencies through development of fortified foods.
  • Pre-biotics and Probiotics for holistic health
  • Postharvest processing; Value addition; Shelf life extension of perishable foods etc.
  • Quality control and quality assurance.

Research Highlights:

The Research and Development (R&D) activities in the Centre are aimed at interdisciplinary problems related to Food and Nutritional Sciences. The primary objective of R&D has been the creation and transfer of new technologies for improvement of society at large. The major thrust areas of the research pursuits are the areas of Health foods, Convenience foods, Nutraceuticals, Postharvest processing, Utilization of by-products, Value addition and Shelf life extension of perishable foods. The researchers at the university have undertaken number of well-funded projects from funding agencies such as APEDA, UGC, UPCAR and DST. In pursuance of the objectives related to various focus areas of advanced interdisciplinary research in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences, doctoral degrees have been awarded which are mentioned as under:

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