1. BA in Media Studies ( 6 Semesters)

Semester #1: Development of Journalism / Introduction to Mass Communication / Functional Hindi / Functional English / Fundamentals of Computer Application.

Semester #2: Understanding News (Judgment, Gathering, Classification & Writing of News with introduction to news photography) / Translation work (Hindi-English- Hindi) / Theories and Models of mass communication / Introduction to Sociology & Culture Study / Introduction to Software used in Page making, photo editing & graphic design.

Semester #3: Creative Media Writing / New Media and Web Journalism / Photojournalism & Digital Photography / Making of Indian Society and Relation to media / Post Processing including Video Editing / Practical.

Semester #4: Advertising & Public Relation / Broadcast Journalism (TV & Radio) / Understanding Cinema / Film Making / Video Editing & Post Production.

Semester #5: Copy Writing and Editing / Researching the Media and Audience / Communication Research / Media Management, Ethics and Press Law / Web Publishing & Blogging.

Semester #6: Project Work / Presentation and Viva-Voce / Internship

2. B. Voc in Media Studies (6 Semesters)

Semester #1: Introduction to Media and Mass Communication / Introduction to Digital Photography / Image Processing and Printing / Communication and Writing Skill - Hindi / Fundamentals of Computer Application

Semester #2: Introduction to Video Camera and Videography / Television Production - I (News) / Communication and Writing Skill - English / Indian Society and Development Communication / Computer Software for Print Media / Training/Workshop/Internship

Semester #3: Television Production - II (Programs)/ Video Editing and Post Production/ Introduction to Photojournalism/ Translation : Hindi-English-Hindi/ Democracy, Human Rights and Mass Media

Semester #4: New Media and Online Journalism / Radio Journalism and Audio Editing / Basics of Advertising and Public Relation / Indian Government and Politics / Professional Communication and Technical Writing / Training/Workshop/Internship

Semester #5: Creative Writing / Understanding Cinema / Introduction to Indian Economy / Media Industry and Management / Media Law and Ethics

Semester #6: News Writing and Scripting for Print and T.V. / Documentary Film Making / Communication Research / Project Work & Presentation / One month Internship

3. M. Voc in Media Studies (4 Semesters)

Semester #1: Development of Journalism & Mass Communication/ Visual Communication & T.V. Journalism/ Animation Techniques/ Globalization & World Media Scenario/ Computer Software for Print Media

Semester #2: Advance Digital Photography & Image Processing/ Web Publishing & Online Media Production/ Production of Radio Programmes/ Campaign, Planning and Management/ Media and Cultural Studies/ Training/Workshop/Internship

Semester #3: Mass Media Research / Advance Photojournalism / Production of Short Film and Documentaries/ Corporate Communication/ Media Entrepreneurship

Semester #4: Elective any two(Advance Reporting/ Advance Technique and Trends in Photojournalism/ Television News Production/ News Website Development)/ Project Work/Dissertation/ Presentation and Viva-voce/ Two Months Internship