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Today: 19-04-2018
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NABL accredited Food Analysis & Research Laboratory

D. Phil

Institute offers D. Phil. in following subjects:

Centre of Food Technology

  • D. Phil. - Food Technology

  • D. Phil. - Nutritional Sciences

Centre of Computer Education & Training

  • D. Phil. - Computer Applications

Admission Procedure:

Admission in D. Phil. programme is through University Combined Research Entrance Test (CRET).


As laid down in the Ordinance LVI of the University under Section 29 of University of Allahabad Act, 2005. Candidate for admission to the degree of D.Phil. programme must hold Master's degree in a relevant subject from the University or any other University of an institute recognized by it, and must fulfill other prescribed condition of eligibility.

Fee: As per University Rules


D.Phil. programme shall be for a minimum duration of three years, including course work, as per the UGC guidelines 2016.

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