English Edge

English Edge is a scientific technology based programme developed in association with organisation that has world class content and expertise. The programme is a blend of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and Computer-Based Training (CBT). The programme follows a holistic approach to language learning catering to Indian learners who have a minimum foundation in the language. The pedagogy focuses on those areas that most challenge Indian speakers of English, namely pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. The programme will also culminate with English Edge certification bearing the BBC Logo. English Edge is developed in association with BBC Active. The key features are as follows:

Programme Methodology:

Programme follows the powerful blended methodology, where learner gets the dual-benefit of Instructor Led Teaching as well as Computer Based Learning. The state of the art learning environment that is powered with rich multimedia training elements enhances the learning process. The rich multimedia learning experience uses a mixture of audio and video clips. This makes learning not only exciting but also catapults effectiveness. That's not all, the multimedia component also lets a student analyse self progress and helps students rate themselves constantly, providing valuable feedback.


There are four modules in the programme

  1. Basic - Deals with exposure to the language
  2. Intermediate - Deals with pronunciation & basic grammar for written communication
  3. Advance - Deals with reading, writing, people & interview skills
  4. Personality development - Deals with overall development in personality of an individual

Key Competencies covered:

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