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Today: 19-04-2018
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Industry Readyness

For employability achievement of strong
(a) communication and persuasive expression skills;
(b) computation skills that included the capability of reasoning, analyzing, and using numerical data;
(c) community skills (citizenship, tolerance, diversity and pluralism;
(d) local, global, and environmental awareness;
(e) critical thinking and problem solving skills;
(f) information management skills;
(g) interpersonal skills including teamwork, relationship management, conflict resolution, and workplace skills;
(h) personal skills that included management of change, learning to learn, and personal responsibility, are required.

To fulfill this need the Institute has tied up with Indian and foreign agencies like ADAYANA, GLOBAL TALENT TRACK, LIQVID,TRUSANGA and LINGUAFONE Digital Lab.

WorkSkills program by ADAYANA in association with IPS

WorkSkills is a 150 hour e-learning curriculum delivered on the internet which relies on facilitated learning. It is completely geared to providing "employability preparedness" to an entry level work force by developing their soft skills, human skills, a 3,000 word accent-free English vocabulary and basic computer literacy e.g. Word, Excel, PPT. The learner has a maximum time window of 6 months to complete this 150 hour e-learning curriculam. Learners can thus learn at their own pace and in their own time. Scalability and uniform quality of delivered training inputs become non-issues under this format.

LIQVID's English Edge Programme

India’s only domain specific English Language solution company. Collective experience of more than 10,000 hrs of learning content development, strong research focus which includes new initiatives like Podcasts, Simulations and Mobile Learning. Through this course our students are exposed to the corporate environment of big national and multinational companies which requires communication and interpersonal skills over and above the technical skill in their respective areas.

Mentorship Programme of GTT

Global Talent Track (GTT) is a unique education and training initiative, set up by some of the best minds from the industry, education and technology domains. The venture aims to provide ‘quality with scale ’, through programs delivered through innovative technologies and compelling content. GTT works closely with academia and industry to design career oriented learning content by taking inputs from the industry experts, providing the technology platform to host the content with the help of Cisco Systems Inc and manage the entire delivery process.

TRUSANGA's Formative Assessment

Student assessments can be broadly classified into two types: 'Summative' and 'Formative'. Summative assessments indicate the final performance of the student in terms of grades or scores. Formative assessments help the students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Formative assessments can be channelized to provide guidance for students that lead them to a direction in which their efforts can maximize their personal abilities. Formative evaluation is used to help the students to improve their performance by pointing out the areas of potential improvement, related to various deficiencies and weaknesses identified by the faculty in various forms of tests/assessments. TRUSANGA Educational Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune (a group of IIT -Kharagpur alumni) has developed a Vectorized Latent Strength engine using cutting edge predictive modeling to:

  • Develop more precise and objective assessment systems
  • View individual ability as a multi-dimensional construct
  • Effectively classify individuals into talent pools
  • Monitor group ability and organizational ability as a collective construct
  • Visualize abilities and development graphically

Linguafone Digital Language Lab:

Through Linguafone Digital Language Lab we focus on developement through proficiency in Global English Communication Skills.

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