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Today: 22-04-2018
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"Three days I-pad tablet based workshop on 10th, 11th and 12th Dec'2012 "

         The Table form factor computers, which have proliferated in the last few years, are undoubtedly an exciting way to interact with technology, especially, when they are touch screen enabled. The intimacy and immediacy of the personal screen, the ease of use and intuitive design of modern touch screen operating systems greatly eases user fears and facilitates user adoption.

        In view of the above a three day Training Programme on New Teaching Methods using i-Pad Applications was conducted by "Mr. Atul Pant" Co-Founder at Lifeskills Limited. UK. The scheduled training sessions were designed to give hands on creating a Personal Learning Environment using tools like Diigo, Understanding New Trends in Higher Education using Gamification, Virtual Museum etc, Enriching Learning by Creating Podcast/Screencast on i-Pad, Publishing on internet using Amazon, Prototype Awareness Campaign, Availing e-book repository and e-courses and Participation in Webinars.

        The training was attended by the faculty members of the Centres of the Institute of Professional Studies who got at first hand experience on using i-pad and its applications as teaching aid. The programme concluding with the discussion on the Role of Teacher as Knowledge Curator, Designing Curriculum Suited for 21st Century Learning, Innovative Delivery and Making effective presentation.

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