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Today: 24-03-2018
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Technophilia - 2K18

"Technophilia - 2K18" , the first annual technical fest of the Centre of Computer Education. It was organized on 23rd and 24th of FEB, 2018. Organizers- Anand Durga Singh (MCA 4th SEM), Saurabh Yadav (MCA 4th SEM)

Some Technical events are :

  • Spyder(Webpage design)
  • Brain_Shake(Quiz)
  • Flow_Theme(Prototyping)
  • Headshot(Gaming)
  • Geek_o_Sphere(Technical Quiz)

Some Non-Technical events are :

  • Mis"Take"(Photography contest)
  • Me before Me (Selfie contest)

Main Event

  • Amalgamation(Alumni Connect)

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